Dan and Aimee's Engagement Photos

Dan and Aimme were very creative models back in July. I don’t know where the idea to use an umbrella came from but I like it.

Nova Scotia Landscapes

I got a couple decent landscape shots while out on my honeymoon in Nova Scotia / Newfoundland. The maritimes are never as dramatic as Banff or Yosemite, but there’s something special about the North Atlantic that’s hard to capture with photography.


Skyline Drive

I got a couple good landscape shots during a trip to Shenandoah National Park last Fall. 




Recent Additions

Fast photo editing has never been a strong suit of mine. Here's a few recent additions to my collection of photos from Yosemite, Death Valley, and Zion.


Yosemite Timelapse

It's hard to believe I shot this 6 months ago. With this timelapse I wanted to capture both the beauty and the constant crowds at Yosemite. 

Banff Landscapes

I just finished editing my landscape shots from Banff and Jasper. I struggled with the constant fog, but I think I got a couple decent shots. 

Elk Invasion

During my summer vacation in Banff, we witness a herd of Elk (and one coyote) wander through a golf course and wreak havoc. 



Taking Photos Out West

I finally got around to editing my photos from my trip to California and Utah in June.

I just finished editing together my footage from the protests at Trump’s Inauguration.
(NSFW - lots of profanity and, if you have a sharp eye, nudity)

Last Friday I went down to D.C. to document the protests that were going on in response to the Trump inauguration. My most intense bit of footage is this shot of Police clearing a street where protesters had started a fire.

Did a little photo series last winter about how I always end up being distracted by my phone when I'm hiking or going on long walks. Now a-days I'm distracted by pokemon go more than anything else.

A couple weeks ago I photographed a Red Tailed Hawk eating what I'm guessing was a squirrel on a tree branch over looking Cunningham Falls. The most interesting part for me was when the when the Hawk "licked his plate" by cleaning off all of the little bits of squirrel from the tree branch. (Warning! These images are somewhat graphic)

Ever wonder who would win in a fight between a beaver and a dog? Turns out it's the Beaver. I watched a dog chase a beaver around Lake Needwood. Whenever the dog would get too close, the beaver would use its tail to make a big splash and confuse the dog while the beaver swam underwater. After the dog gave up the beaver swam up onto the bank and cleaned its fur about ten feet from where I was sitting. Turns out a Beaver cleaning it's fur looks a whole lot like a cat cleaning it's fur.

With this video for Assateague State Park, I have finished documenting every Maryland State Park. During the project I've traveled into the Appalachian mountains, transported video equipment via kayak, visited historic houses, worked in both 100 degree weather and 0 degree weather, planted my tripod in the Atlantic Ocean, and filmed cactuses, bald eagles and wild horses. I have been consistantly impressed with the ecological and cultural diversity of a relatively small land mass called Maryland.

My Janes Island State Park video features videography by Katie Hanges.

If this footage makes you think of the Louisiana bayou it's because Pocomoke River State Park protects part of the country's northernmost bald cypress swamp.

The Wye Oak was the largest White Oak in the United States until its demise in 2002. Now that title is held by a White Oak in Southern Virginia.

Martinak State Park is fairly nondescript, but I managed to get some interesting footage of sunlight light reflecting off the Choptank river in the early morning light.