My Janes Island State Park video features videography by Katie Hanges.

If this footage makes you think of the Louisiana bayou it's because Pocomoke River State Park protects part of the country's northernmost bald cypress swamp.

The Wye Oak was the largest White Oak in the United States until its demise in 2002. Now that title is held by a White Oak in Southern Virginia.

Martinak State Park is fairly nondescript, but I managed to get some interesting footage of sunlight light reflecting off the Choptank river in the early morning light. 

The Bill Burton Fishing Pier was originally a 1.6 mile long bridge over the Choptank river. 1.6 miles didn't seem like that much until I tried to carry all of my equipment to the other side of the river.

I had to wake up at 3 AM in order to get to Tuckahoe State Park by sunrise, but it was totally worth it.

Swallow Falls is my favorite State Park. It features some incredible waterfalls and rapids surround by the only virgin forest in the state. 

Watching my video for Herrington Manor State Park is a great way to cool off after a warm day.

"Youghiogheny" is apparently pronounced "yok-uh-gey-nee." And I thought that "Lake Kittamaqundi" was a crazy name.

Casselman River Bridge State Park features the Casselman River Bridge!

New Germany State Park made me remember how much I love pine trees. .

The DC/Baltimore area didn't get much snow this year so I'm glad I was able spend some time in Western Maryland.

Spend a minute on the mountaintop with my video for Dan's Mountain State Park.

The best way to get in the Saint Patrick's Day Spirit is by watching this video I shot in Deep Creek Lake State Park in February.

Big Run State Park features the Savage River, the Savage River Reservoir and some of the worst wind I've ever experienced.

Fort Frederick State Park is big on Historical Reenactment. 

The Civil War Corespondents Memorial in Gathland State Park is one of the more unique memorials I've seen.

Cunningham Falls State Park has waterfalls AND a puppy!

Of the State Parks I've visited so far, Gambrill has the best overlooks.

Greenbrier State Park was beautiful in early fall but I wish I would have waited a couple weeks so that I could have captured the fall foliage at it's peak.